Mojo! Who's Mojo?

Branding your company's DNA is what we do best. End of story.

We're a group of experienced ad pros who have worked in leading ad agencies and marketing companies in Minneapolis. At the beginning of 2002, we started Mojo to offer all the successful thinking and proven experience you’d expect from big agencies but without all the speed bumps, egos and overhead.

Mojo founding partners Terri Cope, Bob Kay and Dan Haag all work on your business full time. As a result, you’re always getting the thinking, attention and focus from the people who understand how to support your brand and reach your goals. Our model of being agile, responsive and accountable is an effective, productive and efficient way to work. And, a model that works very well for our clients.

How are we different? The difference comes in our experience, know-how and passion. Our clients tell us we’re very hands-on, approachable, creative and a blast to work with. Period.

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