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The know how to create KnowHow.

Ceridian—a global HR, Payroll, Benefits and Payment Solutions company—came to us with a challenge: Rejuvenate and re-energize their brand with a common thread that unifies all their businesses and be the driving force of everything they do. Ceridian prides itself on its consultative approach to working with their customers and is the only company in the industry that can leverage years of historical data and analytics to provide customers with guaranteed best practice solutions. So how did Mojo take that Ceridian promise and position and brand it? Pure strategic and creative know how.

To support the field, we did some heavy lifting.

Making sure the sales force had the tools they needed to succeed was also an important part of the campaign so we went out to the field to see what they thought would work best in their sales presentations. A variety of sales materials are available—everything from a one-page sell sheet to a full-blown capabilities brochure.

A significant element of the media strategy is to create a variety of static and flash banner ads on key sites to drive prospects to Ceridian’s website. In addition Mojo negotiated to include several value added extras including several e-blast opportunities and webinar sponsorships.


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